iFrame & Galleria Photo Gallery [makeshift multi album] — resize? fullscreen? jquery? java? please help?

Just want to say first and foremost I appreciate any help on this. I’ve been kind of stuck all day.

So what I have now (http://itsdoom.com/tumblrstylewebsite.html)

is the newest thing I have been working on. its very rough as of now. But what I am having trouble with is the image gallery. If you click on ‘work’ it will scroll you down and you can see what I’m talking about. I wanted to have multiple albums so I placed the “Galleria” in an iFrame. with obvious problems. As I realize the way i have it setup now the Galleria / iframe is at 420px (h) x 820px (w), which looks good on the screen i’m working on now 1280×800, but if a user had a higher screen resolution, it would look too small, and with no ability to fullscreen the galleria, its a problem.

so I have a couple questions..

  1. Is there anyway to make the Galleria fullscreen not only in the iframe but in the whole browser?

  2. Is there anyway to either resize the iframe // content (Galleria) to reflect a users screen resolution?

If theres a way to fullscreen that would be the best option because someone with a higher resolution screen would just be able to hit that. if not, hopefully the other option is possible.

thanks again for the help.

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