Facebook public data feed without authentication token

I’m looking to get a feed of public status updates for a facebook brand page to put on their website; and wasn’t pleased to find out that FB appear to make a simple thing very complicated.

Then I discovered that you can ask the page owner to go to the page, and pull down the option to ‘get updates via rss’ – which provides a link, here’s mine:


It wasn’t a great leap to discover that you can switch the format to JSON by altering the parameter on on URL, which should make it great for grabbing updates using a bit of JQuery.

var fbFeed = "https://www.facebook.com/feeds/page.php?id=194539010566307&format=json";

$  .getJSON(fbFeed, function(data) {
  ... do stuff ...

My problem, and therefore question is why this fails. Even while logged out of facebook, I can access the feed directly as expected. If I save the contents to a local file and access that, it works – proving the JSON format is valid. Watching it run in a HTTP analyzer shows that the data is retrieved – but JQuery always throws an error.

Any thoughts on why this is? The only thing I can think of is that the request is going from http -> https, but as I said – the http analyzer shows that the request has been made and the JSON data was sent back, its just that JQuery doesn’t seem to recognise it…?

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