jquery validation engine : ajax field validation with java (not with php)

I try to validate a field with ajax and a function which verify that the value is not already in base.

All examples I found are with php ; how to do with java ?

JSP code :

<form id="FLoginNew" action="Loginnew" method="post">
$  (document).ready(function(e) {
    $  ("#FLoginNew").validationEngine('attach', {promptPosition : "centerRight", scroll: false, validationEventTrigger: "blur", autoHidePrompt:true, autoHideDelay:3000 });

jquery.ValidationEngine-fr.js altered :

"ajaxLoginCall": {
                "url": "myapp.selvlets.DoublonLoginServlet",
                "extraDataDynamic": ['#login'],
                "alertText": "* Ce login est déjà pris",
                "alertTextOk": "* Ce login est disponible",
                "alertTextLoad": "* Chargement, veuillez attendre"

As URL, I tried : "url": "/DoublonLogin", which is the declaration of the servlet mapping in web.xml.

I don’t know what to put as url…

Thank you !

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