Trouble with controlling Vimeo iframes with jquery, froogaloog and wordpress

I have been working on a friends site trying to fix up his implementation of flexslider so that if a vimeo video is playing and the user switches to another slide it will pause that video. I am having issues with using froogaloop and jquery in this context. Here is some code I have been trying:

                        (function () { jQuery('.flexslider').flexslider({
                            slideshowSpeed: slideshowDelay+"000",
                            directionNav: false,
                            animation: "fade" ,
                            after: function (slider)
                                var currentSlide = slider.currentSlide;
                                var slides = slider.slides;

                                jQuery(slides).each( function (i)
                                    if(i != currentSlide)
                                        var slide = jQuery(slides[i]);
                                        jQuery(slide).attr({class : 'slide_selector'})
                                        var vimeo = jQuery('.slide_selector iframe');
                                        if(vimeo.length !== 0)

                                            var src = jQuery(vimeo).attr('src')
                                            var controlObject = {"method" : "pause" };
                                            var domWindow = vimeo[0].contentWindow;
                                            jQuery(vimeo[0]).bind('ready' , function
                                                console.log("PlayerId: "+ player_id)

So this has not worked in any way. I read that I was supposed to use an init function in the Froogaloop framework but running Froogaloop.fn.init (only way to reach it) told me that nothing I put into it had a getAttributes property. This has all been rather confusing. I think my main question is how do i initialize these iframes with froogaloop?

note. I replaced $ f with froogaLoop in my version of the library since $ seems to interfere with wordpress.

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