Form not being serialized? jquery and ajax

I have a form that is submitted to a php script with jquery and ajax, but turning out blank in the php script.


<table id="coachapplication">

<form id="coachapplicationform" action="" method="post">

<tr><td>Briefly explain your teaching methods:<br /> <textarea maxlength="100" name="coachmethods" id="coachmethods"></textarea></td></tr>

<tr><td><input type="checkbox" value="yes" name="agree" id="agree" /> I am fully prepared to take on the responsibilities of being a coach which include logging into the website daily and hosting sessions.

<tr><td><button id="submitcoachapplication" type="button">Submit</button></td></tr>



jquery script:

$  ('#submitcoachapplication').click(function() {

$  .ajax({

type: "POST",

url: "includes/sendcoachapplication.php",

data: $  ("form#coachapplicationform").serialize(),

success: function(msg){

    $  ("#coachapplication").html(msg);




php script:



$  user = $  _SESSION['username'];



$  result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM coachapplications ORDER BY username");

while($  row = mysql_fetch_array($  result)) {

$  username = $  row['username'];

if($  username == $  user) die("You already have a pending application.");


$  coachmethods = $  _POST['coachmethods'];

$  coachmethods = mysql_real_escape_string($  coachmethods);

$  agree = $  _POST['agree'];

if($  coachmethods == "") die("Please enter some info about how you intend to teach.");

if($  agree != "yes") die(" Please agree to the terms.");

$  sql="INSERT INTO coachapplications (username, methods) VALUES ('$  user', '$  coachmethods')";

if (!mysql_query($  sql,$  con)) die('Error: ' . mysql_error());

echo 'Your application has been submitted, and is awaiting admin approval. If you are found suitable for the program, you will be taught how to use the system.';

mysql_close($  con);


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