Need help with images in ASP.Net?!?

Question by Timberton4: Need help with images in ASP.Net?!?
Is there any control to resize images when you upload an image automatically? because when I put an image in a img or asp:image, the images go crazy… lol the faces get waves and change their size when i change the size of the image box.
i wanna resize it without any problem.. like facebook do with the profile image and thumbnails!!!
How can i resize images?
Please help me out… i have no problem with, c#, javascript, ajax, jquery and … so you can tell me in whatever you want.

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Answer by Gardner
Do you have the picturebox Background Image Layout property set to stretch? If so you’ll need to re size the image in such a way that the width and height ratio is maintained to keep from distorting the images to badly.

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