I want to build this “Galleria” style gallery, however, even with instructions I don’t know what to do with it?

Question by parting of the sensory…: I want to build this “Galleria” style gallery, however, even with instructions I don’t know what to do with it?


This is what I am interested in. How do I create it? All I know is HTML and CSS. From all indications there is ‘jquery’ and ‘javascript’ etc, involved but I don’t even have the faintest idea where to begin using that.
Can I use my CSS page and make a new HTML page to make this? What goes where? I see they have the scripts on this page, but am unsure what should go where on my CSS and HTML page. The guys who wrote this obviously assumed people using this would somewhat know somewhat of what to do with it. Unfortunately I do not. Also, how do I incorporate JavaScript into the whole matter? Will there have be an entire different document/scripting for this? In essence, based on what I am trying to create (the galleria in the link above) could someone fill me in on all the details in regard to the scripting on the link as a step-by-step process to tell me what to put where?

Thank you.
No offense Moi, but your answer still does not indicate anything to me as to what I should do. If you go onto the site, sure it shows a lot of scripting but it does not say other important things like: open a notepad doc, save it as a .java (or whatever) place the lines that say (whatever it may) on your html in the body, etc. Thats what I need help with. Baby steps. I have been trying to get a gallery functioning for a couple weeks and it is holding up my website from launching.
Serious help only, please. I would certainly appreciate it.

Best answer:

Answer by Moi
Download the software and use this documentation: http://github.com/aino/galleria/tree/master/docs/ check out the “getting started” file it explains how to get it working…

“Get the latest and greatest version of Galleria and jQuery
Place the galleria src folder in your project.”

I believe you can copy/paste the codes they give you as long as you place the galleria src folder in your project. If you choose other folder you’ll need to modify the paths.


OK here we go with serious help :)

1. Download Galleria.

2. Extract the .zip file in your project. I just extracted the .zip inside the folder of my project, if you want to put it in other forder then just change the paths (I suppose you know how to do this) in the code I’m about to give you.

3. Copy this and paste it inside your HTML file (always do a backup).

-The code can go inside the BODY tag.

-Sorry but Y! won’t let me put the entire code, this is what is missing:

http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js <-copy the entire address.

4. Make a folder named img and put your images inside.

5. Locate the

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