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Hi I have a project here at work where we need a specific value from another domain I do not have access to change (So I can’t do nested iframes, or CORS). We need to keep Session/Cookie state the same to get the required data from the page as the token changes based on the user on the page. So a server side solution wouldn’t work.

What is the best way to go about this, the following is what the page source is in it’s entirety.
I need to retrieve the FF321332 value

{"<!--":"","token":"FF321332","expire":1317448445,"":"--><body onload=document.body.innerHTML=clear>"}

Some things I’ve tried so far are Dynamic Script Tags “It throws a JS error Unexpected token : error, Jquery (.getScript ) this throws the same error, any other form of .get or xhr will throw a Cross Domain Error.

I feel like I was on the right track with the .getScript or Dynamic Script Tags as it almost wants to read it in. But if I can get around the Unexpected token error and just read it in as text (if this is possible) I can just parse out the variable as normal text.

Any assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.

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