Neatening up custom event handlers – remove need for ‘event’ parameter

I’m building some objects that will trigger custom events, and I’m using jQuery’s bind and trigger to manage this for me, like so:

function MyObject() {

    var _this = this;

    this.onUpdate = function(fn) {
        $  (_this).bind('MyObject.update', fn);

    this.update = function(params) {
        //Do stuff...
        $  (_this).trigger('MyObject.update', [updatedID]);


My problem is when I come to register other callback functions with onUpdate – the functions I pass in need to include the ‘event’ parameter for trigger to work correctly, like so:

function myCallback(event, updatedID) {
    //Do more stuff...

var myobject = new MyObject();

Is there a nice way I can wrap the function that I pass in to bind in the onUpdate method, so that myCallback doesn’t need the ‘event’ parameter, as it seems a bit irrelevant for my purposes?

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