jQuery addClass in unlikely part of element

I really hate the way my shopping cart is set up as I CANNOT edit much of the pages. So I resort to using jQuery which is both fun and frustrating because we have to use so much of it. That being said..I am trying to find a way through jQuery to add a class specifically for the price given two situations. Unfortunately the price is not set up to add a class to it specifically (why my shopping cart did it this way is beyond me!). Any help would be appreciated!

<-- Situation 1 -->
  <font class="text colors_text">
  <b>Regular Price: </b>
   $  2,533.31

<-- Situation 2 -->
  <span class="exclusive">Exclusive Price:</span>
  <font class="pricecolor colors_productprice">$  2,343.30</font>

I’m not going to dwell into the reasons why I need to add a class to these prices because there is a lot riding behind the class name which enables much of the page to render correctly. The class names for each situation should be the SAME. Situation 2 I may be able to handle with ease $ ('.exclusive').next('font').addClass('priceis') but Situation 1 is pretty tough.

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