I want to move to spain?

Question by Wild side: I want to move to spain?
For personal reasons, I’d like to move to Spain in the distant future. Living in Texas bores me so I want to get out and see the world. Currently I am 17, and have looked into living abroad permanently for the past couple of months. Spain first caught my eye for a plethora of reasons; its location in Europe which allows for traveling across the continent and to North Africa, my intermediate level of knowledge about the Spanish language, and Spain’s carefree lifestyle. Since I know some Spanish, I won’t be going in blindfolded because I’d be able to communicate efficiently with the local population. Being my last year of high school I have the luxury to take it easy and prepare for a cross-continental move. I need to establish funds to move and start a new life, further develop a skill set that will enable me to get a job, and improve my Spanish. I need assistance regarding quite a few issues:

How are American expatriates treated in Spain?

As a native English speaker is there a demand for us?

How long does residency, or citizenship take for an American? I assume it is easier if you are an EU citizen.

Is there a strong demand for jobs related to Internet Marketing, front end web development, or technology; and how long would it take my to get a job in this field? Currently I know HTML5, css3, some blackhat and whitehat SEO, and am in the process of learning Javascript, jquery, and php.

How much is the cost of living in Spain to live comfortably as a single male?

What is the process of acquiring citizenship? Can you explain it to me in detail?

Should I go to University in the states and put off moving for another 4 years? Is a bachelor degree from a top U.S. public school valuable in Spain?

Culturally, what are some things I must adapt to?

How is the party scene, and how is the issue of Marijuana treated?

Thank you.

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Answer by Castilla y Leon
Marijuana is not legal! So, if you are a smoker PLEASE do NOT come. You can’t just move to Europe just because you like it. You have be offered a job first, But first they must see if anyone in spain wants it, if not they check ALL of Europe. You have to be highly Educated to get the position. a simple bachelors degree is not going to cut it.
As a native English speaker from America YOU will NOT be able to teach at their school even if you had a degree in English as a second language. It must be someone from Britain to teach English there. An American is not allowed to teach English in Europe.

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